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A Plumbing Story From Independence Missouri:
"I used to think that there was no reason to worry about emergency plumbing. The idea that I might need such a thing never entered my mind. Because of that, when my pipes burst due to the cold, I had a lot of problems. I had to scramble around to find the number to a 24 hour plumber, which just let the water have more time to fill my basement. Then I had to call around to find one who was available.

Needless to say, I suffered thousands of dollars worth of water damage. The worst part is, I didn't need to have that happen. If I'd done my research before hand, I could have ensured I had an plumber Independence MO on hand.

So before you need it, make sure to search around for local 24 hour plumbers. Call each and every place, ask how much they charge. Do some research online, check places like Yelp. That way, you can find out which emergency plumbing companies are worthwhile in your area. If you have an emergency plumbing situation like I did, you can know exactly who to call and how much you can expect to pay. And hopefully, you can save yourself thousands of dollars!"